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  JY-AT2 High-temperature water vapor tester   

JY-AT2 High-temperature water vapor tester
※ For detailed information, please download the manual from our website.

1. Characteristics

This product has been tested for pressure and welding and therefore guarantees safety.

* Dual special safety device: since this system uses high pressure, dual safety valves have been installed to secure safety.

* Programmable temperature controller installed: While the system has to maintain a pressure of 21Kg/㎠ for 3 hours during testing, the programmable temperature controller is adopted without attaching a separate timer to allow easier use.

* High-accuracy digital display pressure gauge installed: the pressure inside the vessel is displayed on the high-accuracy digital display, which allows for testing of high reliability.

* Hanger -style cover: the hanger-style cover is equipped with a lever that allows for easy opening and closing and desorption.

2. The names of exterior components

Drain valve
Safety vlave
Vent valve
Pressure gauge
Temp. controller

① Drain valve
This is used when the vessel interior is cleaned, when heaters are replaced, or when water inside is discharged outside.

② Vessel
Since the vessel uses high pressure, we have obtained “pressure vessel inspection” from the Korea Energy Management Corporation before assembling the system to ensure safety.

③ Safety valve
The valve opens automatically when the pressure inside the vessel exceeds the pre-set pressure limit, which maintains the pre-set pressure and ensures safety.
④ Vent valve
When operation is complete, and before the cover is opened, the vent valve discharges steam outside to lower the pressure inside the vessel to atmospheric pressure.

⑤ Handle
The handle is turned and moved up or down to open and close the cover.

⑥ Cover
To compress packing and seal the vessel, holes for bolts have been drilled, vent and safety V/V have been installed, and, since the vessel cover was in the installed state when the system was tested for “pressure vessel inspection”, the system has been manufactured with ensured sturdiness.

⑦ Pressure gauge
A digital display pressure gauge has been installed to display the pressure levels accurately while the system is in operation.

⑧ Temperature controller
Since the system has to maintain a set pressure of 5kg/㎠ for a set time of 3 hours, the programmable temperature controller is adopted without attaching a separate timer to allow easier use.

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